Aim of the workshop

Nonlinear dynamical systems are ubiquitous in science and engineering, and bifurcation theory provides, by far, the strongest methods for the investigation of their dynamics. Analytical and numerical methods for bifurcation analysis are therefore of crucial and increasing importance, as both traditional and emergent fields of application can benefit from the advances in bifurcation analysis. However, although bifurcation theory is now well established for finite-dimensional and smooth systems, new challenges are posed by nonsmoothness and infinite dimensionality, as well as by the design and implementation of suitable numerical techniques.

The workshop is intended to convene researchers and PhD students, to exchange ideas and discuss the analysis, control, and applications of bifurcations in smooth as well as nonsmooth and hybrid systems. The workshop combines tutorial lectures given by highly reputed experts with short talks regarding the state of the art of theory and applications.

Participants can apply as simple auditors, or submit a proposal for a short talk (25 minutes including discussion). The abstracts of all selected presentations will be made available together with notes and/or papers related to the topics discussed in the tutorial lectures. The official language is English.

Directors of the workshop

Fabio Dercole (Politecnico di Milano, IT) and
Yuri Kuznetsov (University of Utrecht, NL)

Scientific committee

Wolf-Jürgen Beyn (Bielefeld University, DE), Alan Champneys (University of Bristol, UK), Alessandro Colombo (Politecnico di Milano, IT), Fabio Dercole (Politecnico di Milano, IT), Mario di Bernardo (Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, IT) Eusebius Doedel (Concordia University, CAN), Willy Govaerts (Ghent University, BE), Yuri Kuznetsov (University of Utrecht, NL), Carlo Piccardi (Politecnico di Milano, IT), Sergio Rinaldi (Politecnico di Milano, IT).

Executive secretary and web editor

Alessandro Colombo